Great Recipe Ideas

    Fox Meadow Chef FoxWe have gathered from our customers, family and friends some great recipes and quick snack ideas using Fox Meadow Farm of Vermont products. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do. Do you have your own recipe you would like to share? We would love to hear from you! Please send us your recipe ideas.


    Gourmet Salsa Recipes

    Use any of our Black Bean Salsas - Mix equal parts Fox Meadow Farm of Vermont Black Bean Salsa and vegetable, beef or chicken stock for a quick and easy soup. Add diced, cooked potatoes or smoked ham, if desired.
    For a quick and delicious chili: Heat Fox Meadow Farm of Vermont Black Bean Salsa, adding ground chicken, turkey or venison. To make it even heartier, add cooked chopped carrots or squash and bulguar wheat.
    Use any of our Red Mexican Salsas - Mash up ripe avocado and add to Fox Meadow Farm of Vermont Red Mexican Salsa (hot or mild) for a super easy and tasty guacamole.

    Premium Mustard Recipes

    Chablis Dijon Mustard - Mix a spoonful of Fox Meadow Farm of Vermont Chablis Dijon Mustard into coleslaw or egg salad, or when shaking up your next vinaigrette dressing. Also adds flavor when making a broth for mussels, shrimp and fish.

    Apple Cider Honey Mustard
    - For a quick and tasty salad, combine 1/2 a jar of Fox Meadow Farm of Vermont Apple Cider Honey Mustard with 2 ounces of white or apple vinegar. Add salt, pepper, thyme or other herbs to taste. Drizzle over mixed baby greens, walnuts and thinly sliced pears.

    Three Peppercorn Dijon Mustard - Preheat oven to 450F. Coat 1 boneless pork loin (about 3 lbs.) with 2 Tbs.Fox Meadow Farm of Vermont  Three Peppercorn Dijon Mustard mixed with 3 Tbs. minced fresh parsley and 1 Tbs. each minced fresh thyme, rosemary, garlic and olive oil. Place in roasting pan and roast for 10 minutes. Reduce temperature to 250F and roast 1 hour more, or until inserted meat thermometer reads 160F. Cover loosely with foil and let rest 15 minutes.

    Jams & Butter Recipes

    Horseradish Jam - Fox Meadow Farm of Vermont Horseradish Jam is a great complement to pork or venison tenderloin. Let meat marinate in mixture of water, soy sauce, brown sugar, salt and pepper at least 3 hours or overnight in fridge. Wrap entire tenderloin with bacon strips. Place on a slotted bake pan with a drip pan and cook for 30-45 minutes for medium rare (25-30 for rare). Baste with leftover marinade throughout cooking time. Slice into 1/2" pieces. Dip each delicious piece in our Horseradish Jam.
    Use Fox Meadow Farm of Vermont Horseradish Jam when making your next stir fry. Heat up a little oil (vegetable or canola) in a pan. When hot, scramble up an egg, with a little minced garlic, if desired. Add fresh veggies and chicken or shrimp. Season with pepper. Finish with a tablespoon or two of Horseradish Jam. Add rice or noodles. It makes a great "sweet and sour" dish.

    Toppings & Dips Recipes
    Tomato Bruschetta Topping - The Italian term bruschetta means "to roast over coals." Use Fox Meadow Farm of Vermont Bruschetta Topping on freshly sliced bread (approximately 1" thick). Add olive oil, shredded cheese, salt, pepper or Italian seasoning and place in the oven or on BBQ grill until bread is toasted. Makes a great appetizer or light snack.
    Use Fox Meadow Farm of Vermont Tomato Bruschetta Topping on your next spinach and feta cheese omelette. It adds great flavor and acidity to the richness of the omelette. Make an eggwhite omelette for a super healthy version.

    Baking & Cooking Recipes

    Vermont Maple & Pepper Seasoning - Toss Vermont Maple & Pepper Seasoning and 2 Tbs. oil with onions, cubed squash, parsnips or other root vegetables. Place on a sheet pan. Cover and roast in the oven at 375 degrees for 40 minutes. Uncover and roast an additional 30 minutes. Thickener
    - Hot: Use Fox Meadow Farm of Vermont Thickn.It Sauce Thickener in your next batch of sausage and peppers to keep the flavor of the juices without being watery. Cold: Whisk into whipping cream to help stabilize the cream and make a perfect "fresh fruit pizza" on graham cracker crust.

    Hummus Recipes

    Use any of our Hummus - Add any Fox Meadow Farm of Vermont Hummus to create an awesome Mediterranean platter. Cut up fresh cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes. Add a olive melody and/or roasted red peppers. Use pita chips or cut up fresh pita bread for dipping and sharing.
    Hummus is a great alternative filling for deviled eggs. Take out the yolks and spoon in a tablespoon of hummus. Make a dozen eggs with two or three different flavors of hummus. Makes a tasty, healthful appetizer.